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Important things to consider before running paid ads and online promotions

Are you thinking of running paid advertising for your business online? Well, you need to have at least some degree of preparation beforehand.

When used correctly, paid ads wield the power to multiply your sales, garner your brand with

recognition and stimulate lead conversions - and the results will be immediate! But small

spendings can soon add up to massive expenditures each month when one isn’t sure about

how to implement these ads the right way.

Once you master the technique of running successful ad campaigns, your business will grow

beyond what you could imagine.

Here are some crucial elements about paid ads you need to consider before you start promoting

your company online.

Know your target audience

Your target audience comprises a specific group of consumers who are most likely to buy from

your brand when they see your ads. They are your ideal buyer who resonate with your message

and offering. The size of your audience will vary depending on what you’re selling, and segmenting them further into categories per interests, buying preferences, location, etc. can

bring to light effective ways of capturing their attention.

You also need to have a clear picture of the activity taking place on your website and other

digital touchpoints like social media, revealing the quality of traffic that is showing up and what

they’re doing once there. Stay current to your audience’s demands and show them ads which

they like and respond to.

Have a neat, functioning website ready for ad traffic

Optimize your website for mobile experience and have a neatly designed, fast and well put

together landing page, guiding the visitors to take next steps. This is where you start building

trust, by giving them reasons to buy from you and asking them to believe what you say.

Set aside a certain budget for running ads

Having a budget for paid ads helps you run promotions effectively, and precisely know if you

need to raise or lower your spending. The recommended way to approach this matter is by only

pumping more money into advertising when you have clear results to back up what they're

pulling. Most platforms will differ in pricing and features but you’ll always be in control of your ad

expenditure. To play on the safer side, you can start small and slowly scale up your ad


Set up your ad tracking

For you to derive the most value on your ad spends, it’s critical to know how your campaigns

are performing and which parts need to be improved. There are plenty of options to choose from

when opting for conversion tracking and reporting solutions, but regardless of which one go for,

you should be able to track your website’s ad performance.

Invest in good ad creatives and copy, and keep testing

If you’re ready to spend money on paid ads, it matters how they visually look. Are they pleasing

to the viewer’s eye, enough to make them click on it? Also, testing between videos, images,

headlines, captions, themes and colors does count in determining which ad variations are

performing the best. In short, test everything you can and take note of what’s working. Your goal

should be to find winners as fast as possible.

Have patience and don’t give up

It will take time until you begin figuring out how to run paid ads and notice the results coming in.

By starting with a lower budget, and with continuous testing and optimizing, you'll get better at scaling your advertising efforts.

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