“We work in a time where our observation skills get compromised because of the deadline stress. We forget to notice and see what is happening.”

Enhancing your observation skills allows you to ‘listen’ with more than just your ears and make better decisions.

Let’s Learn Some Minimal Tips:

  • Understand and notice your task.

  • Mindfulness helps to stay focused.

  • Be aware about your daily activity and creativity.

  • Make limits for social media at workspace to keep you engage on your own work project.

  • Create your own deadline in your mind, so, that you can accomplish your target before given time.

  • Test your own observation by playing memory game. Describe little things around you, watch out its detail and then try to remember without looking at it. Constant practice is must to scale up your skills.

  • Turn on your mind recorder; try to record in story format so that it will help you to remember.

  • Stay curious like a child, Create questions and analyze it. Self analyzes molds you as an expert, it builds your confidence, clarity and understanding of self growth.

  • When you are calmer from inside you automatically increase your own productivity level.

  • Try to meditate for at least 20 minutes a day, make sure you do it everyday. Meditation is the powerful weapon for each task we face in life.

These little things make you more valuable plus intelligent person around your challenges.

Observation is all about being aware at the present moment with mindfulness. Now without getting any confusion lets apply this tips to build the smarter you.

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