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Basic digital marketing checklist to help your online business grow and scale

Digital Marketing doesn't have to be complex. There are some underlying basics, which when covered, can set you on the trajectory of making your brand memorable and profitable online.

Current digital technologies carry tons of leverage with them. This leverage comes in the form of

added reach, real-time metrics and deep customization abilities. But without a digital plan or

strategy, things may soon get weary and confusing.

Although marketing strategies come in all shapes and sizes with various elements to them,

essentially it boils down to knowing your audience, their pain points and needs, and finding

multiple ways to reach them.

By knowing how to take advantage of these digital platforms, you can enhance your interaction

with your customers and prospects, while raising your brand image and keeping your approach

fresh and memorable.

Follow these steps to ensure your business maintains a strong online presence.

Strengthen your Brand Identity

In order for you to stand out in the online market and attract your ideal clients, you have to

present your brand with an engaging persona and consistent message throughout all platforms.

Your brand identity is made up of your purpose, your values, your promise to your audience,

and your customers' perception of your brand. And what do you gain in return? Increased brand loyalty and brand awareness in the online world.

Build a website

Your website is your real estate on the internet. Setting up a website will help you represent

your brand online, attract customers, generate leads and become a place for conversions. Here

are a few aspects to keep in mind while setting up a website for your business:

Right domain - Pick a domain name that best matches your brand, and is easy to spell and


Mobile friendly - Make sure your website is responsive, that fits and adapts to all screen sizes, is

easy to navigate and loads quickly.

SEO friendly - By optimizing your website for search engines, you’ll start ranking higher up the

search results, generate more traffic in the long term, and boost your sales. Choose appropriate

keywords to weave into your content, update meta descriptions for your web pages, and

accumulate backlinks from trusted websites to improve your search rankings.

Stats and metrics - For you to keep improving your website, gain insights over time and track

and learn about your visitors activity, use analytics tools to make informed changes and

enhance your site’s performance.

Create relevant content

Companies generate way more leads when they start posting helpful content for their audience.

Also, content marketing and search engine optimization got hand in hand. Your trust and

credibility significantly improve, too.

To make content marketing work for you, having a content calendar which outlines your content

creation and distribution is super important. Set a schedule and post consistently, find out which

topics your audience is interested in, and focus on quality more than quantity.

Become active on social media

The use of social media is booming, and many of your existing and potential customers are

spending much of their time scrolling through these platforms. Decide which social platforms fit

your business needs best, where your audience is most active, and start creating highly visual

content because they receive higher engagement. You may also create and share posts based

on your existing content calendar and with the ease of automation, you can plan your posts well

in advance.

Invest in email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and high ROI activities that will grow your

business. Keep your communication with your audience warm by sending them regular, relevant

and interesting emails by focusing on their needs and concerns.

Your email list is a valuable business asset that you constantly need to be growing. Segment

your audience based on their buying habits and interests, and try curating targeted emails rather

than a common message for everyone. Pack maximum value into every email and let your

audience know they matter, to help build brand loyalty and improve your open rates.

Try running paid ads

Need to see immediate results for your digital marketing campaigns? You can always spend on

paid advertising to boost your visibility, generate more clicks, drive traffic to your website and

make more sales conversions. Use retargeting and induce a strong call to action in your ads,

while constantly testing and analyzing your results.


Having an online presence and an online audience is quintessential to grow your business

today. And the start doesn't need to be fancy or expensive. You can steadily ramp up your

digital marketing efforts and get creative with your marketing strategy.

If you still find digital marketing a bit tricky, you can outsource it to a good reputable digital

marketing agency who’ll do everything for you, and help your business achieve online success.

Ultimately, your time is valuable and you should be focusing on growing your business, while

letting the experts do what they’re good at. Good luck!

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