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Display Advertising Service

Display ads help to increase your brand awareness and reach prospects with retargeting so they convert faster than ever before. Our team will analyze your current strategy and implement targeting that will increase its effectiveness.

Utilize Display Ads to Drive Visitors into Sales

Display advertising – consisting of the banners and ads that show all over the internet – is a very divisive topic. When managed poorly, display ads can be a money pit with very low Return on Investment (ROI). When executed correctly, however, you can reach potential customers with precision and demonstrate a measurable ROI for your business.

Properly constructed and executed campaigns can increase click-through rates for other channels, drive higher conversion rates and reduce overall Marketing Cost Per Acquisition (MCPA). We often hear from clients who have been burned by bad digital advertising. They didn’t spend enough time researching ad types, networks and possibilities. They didn’t split-test ads, offers and landing pages. They also didn’t set clear goals or expectations for the campaigns. This will likely lead to disappointing or watered-down results.

We combine several tactics of advertising into our client’s display ads. Many of our clients utilize paid social media to increase brand awareness and create conversions on various social media marketing networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat. 

Many also utilize retargeting or remarketing, which use cookie technology to bring previous website visitors back to your site after they’ve left without converting. Others use native advertising to distribute content across the web in a format that resembles news but is optimized for clicks. And, some clients utilize other networks and techniques that work better at higher scale


Every display campaign begins with a comprehensive strategy based on your business goals uncovered in our ThinkFirst process. This type of digital marketing isn’t for every client – the use depends on the goals and the needs. But if we determine that it’s worth a test, we build a strategy to find the best display networks and publishers to help you reach the ideal target audience.

In addition, developing a paid social strategy provides the opportunity to create campaigns focused on engaged audiences – utilizing robust behavioral, demographic and cross-device targeting.


Any display advertising campaign or tactic depends partially on the creative used to deliver the best results. We design every component of your campaigns, from the ads, to the copy to the offers, to the landing pages. Our design process is rooted in our testing strategy. We design our campaigns to be flexible and testable so we can learn quickly and adapt.


Targeting is what drives results. Unlike paid search, which utilizes a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) model, display often uses a CPM model based on the cost-per-thousand impressions. Advances in network technology allow us to target based on interests, behaviors, demographics and activity. We can also build audiences based on the actual behavior on your website, such as showing retargeting to prospects who visited your pricing page but didn’t convert to leads.


After we have developed the correct data-driven strategy and designed the right campaign tests, we begin the execution process. The beginning of any ad campaign involves constant adjustment – far too many people give up immediately without letting the brand impressions grow. We monitor the performance of each campaign and adjust as necessary. This can mean changing ad copy, landing page, images, calls to action and much more. We will continue to refine audiences and targeting to find the right mix of display advertising for your particular use case.


When Aiva Martech came into our company, they quickly realized that what we thought was marketing was really just chaos and wasted money. We are now quickly achieving much greater results with a lower spend. Engaging Aiva Martech is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Mike Kenney, President, Kenney Corporation


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Aiva Martech offers display ad services and management for B2B and B2C. We can help your company drive digital advertising campaign success. Learn more about our brand marketing services by requesting a meeting below.

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