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Paid Social Media

When it comes to B2B products and services, there might not be a more powerful social tool than LinkedIn. Our social team will leverage best practices in order to conduct outreach campaigns on your behalf.

Your company might have developed the Best thing since sliced bread, but if nobody Knows about it, it’s worthless.

Fortunately, there are many great avenues to digitally market your company’s products and services today, whether it’s through content marketing, direct mail, social media or a robust email marketing strategy. One of the most successful ways to attract new customers is, unfortunately, often underutilized by businesses – paid social media.

Paid social media is becoming a critical piece of many companies’ overall digital marketing strategies. When implemented correctly, paid social media can be the most effective tool at driving qualified traffic.

When you partner with Aiva Martech, we’ll work with your company to determine what your current paid social media strategy is and how to utilize it moving forward.

What is Paid Social Media?

If you want to expand your business’ footprint and attract more qualified leads, paid social media is essential in today’s digital marketing landscape. The benefits of paid social media campaigns include increased engagement, increased reach, and fan growth.

Opposed to using free online tools – such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter- to promote your company, paid social media is when you pay a third party to advertise or sponsor your website to a specific, targeted audience. Paid social media displays your content or messaging to current or potential customers using demographics to segment customers that might be interested in your company’s services or products.

Benefits of Hiring a Paid Social Media Agency

Hiring a paid social media marketing agency like Aiva Martech Performance Marketing to manage your company’s social ads ensures you’re targeting the right prospects and advertising on the right social platforms.


Some of the benefits include:


Advertising on Facebook allows for huge opportunities in revenue. Consider creating lead generation ads with sales, promotions, or informative downloads that will collect contact information and help you close deals. Make sure to keep in mind an age range, interests, job titles, locations, and Facebook look-alike markets when creating ads, as this will allow them to be presented to the people most likely to make a purchase or join a service.


The largest benefit of Instagram ads are their ability to run from Facebook ads. Since Facebook owns Instagram, the two work hand-in-hand to deliver ads to the largest relevant audience possible.


LinkedIn allows you to focus on any job title, location and industry relevant to your clientele. 

Running ads on LinkedIn helps present lead-generation focused ads to decision makers in your industry who may be looking for special offers and services you can provide. This is your most successful option if looking for commercial advertising.


Currently, we don’t recommend Twitter ads due to their lack of tracking success and because they are easily lost in the growing timeline of tweets.

Ready to get your paid social campaigns running? Contact us today for a free marketing analysis.

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After just a few months of doing marketing with Aiva Martech, I can clearly see how our business will grow in the future!

Scott Denardin, President, Hittle Landscaping


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Aiva Martech provides Paid Social Media Services that are designed to reach targeted audiences and drive results. Learn more by requesting a marketing analysis below.

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