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It is important for Businessmen and companies to comply and conduct their businesses as per the rules, laws, and regulations that
govern every business activity and transaction. It is important to follow risk governance and compliance with the relevant legislation
as well as by maintaining the standards set by laws. Aiva Martech supports and follows all the legal terms and laws globally as trust
and integrity are the most significant values that grow business relations.


Aiva Martech is completely aware of CAN-Spam-Act law that "any electronic mail message the primary purpose of which is  the commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service,” including email that promotes content on commercial websites."

In an opt-out recipients must be opt out within 10 days of notification to the sender that they no longer wish to receive any

Each subject email in violation is responsible to penalties under the act of CAN-SPAM Aiva Martech implements this law while approaching the prospects in an appropriate manner and abide to this law We use proper email marketing tool to send legitimate email campaigns, likely already complying with the rules under CAN-SPAM compliance and implied consent under CASL.


We at Aiva Martech had developed GDPR aligned processes wherein it protects the consumer data by setting stringent rules on how we process, gather and protect individual data. We have tried to cover all channels of communications with data subjects.

Communication recipients can opt-out at any time, it should be honored promptly.


As a Data processor and our business model, the B2B portion of the GDPR law applies to us. Aiva Martech uses electronic communications exclusively to other businesses, it falls under the GDPR consent definition of "Legitimate Interest" In the matter of consent senders must provide separate requests and the organization or any third parties who will be relying on consent must be names.


For the teenage 13-16 years, they have to obtain prior GDPR cookie consent before selling their data. For those who are younger than 13, you have to obtain consent from their parents or guardians. 


The GDPR significant key principles:

Lawfulness and Transparency
Storage Limitation
Integrity and confidentiality (security)




Aiva Martech also abides CASL law and follows it by taking verified consent from prospect by using following Important Key Points:

Clearly describe the purposes for requesting consent before sending CEM’s to individuals.

The sender must be provide individual name of the person seeking consent and identity on whose behalf consent is sought, pre-checked boxes are not considered as consent.

Each organization must keep all the records of shared data and business with significant specifications mentioned.

Provide contact information (mailing address and phone number or an email address) of those parties seeking consent for the transparent communications and keeping the clarity.

We ensure that all emails contain a mechanism that the recipient can be unsubscribing at any time. It should be valid for minimum of 60 days after the message has been sent.




We at Aiva Martech, adhere to the CCPA (California- Consumer-Privacy-Act 2020) guidelines. We have an army of skilled and well- equipped experts and topnotch technology to safeguard your data from any kind of infringement. Our policies are well articulated and in accordance with the CCPA.

In personal information it should be include name, email address, biometric data, IP address, Internet of things information, geolocation data, professional or employment information and other information.

Publicly available information is not considered personal information under the CCPA.

For the teenage 13-16 years, they have to obtain prior CCPA cookie consent before selling their data. For those who are younger than 13, you have to obtain consent from their parents or guardians.

The CCPA doesn’t prevent users’ data, but it obliges you to allow them to opt-out of their personal information being used for a business purpose.

Following points includes in privacy policy:


  • Information about the selling of your users’ data and how to opt-out from the process

  • Method of ensuring a verifiable consumer request for access, change or erasure of data

  • Methods for submitting such requests. 

  • Who the privacy law applies to

There should be send the notification if there has been updated changes in the privacy policy.

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